Wedding shower questions for bride about the groom?

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Wedding shower questions for bride about the groom?

Post by Charlenec09 on Wed Aug 14, 2013 5:45 pm

This is what i have come up with, should i use these ones, take some out? Which ones?


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Re: Wedding shower questions for bride about the groom?

Post by Libby88 on Wed Aug 14, 2013 5:46 pm

My thoughts are this: The bride is going to be too busy mingling and talking and thanking and (etc.) the guests to participate in this 'game'. So if you want to do it, give it to the guests. Then again if you do that you'll need to do the same / similar questions for the bride. (The shower's going to have both sides of the family, presumably. The wedding is about the couple rather than just the bride. The bride's family will struggle while the groom's family doesn't.) ALTHOUGH I will say I'm not a fan of these 'games' at showers (bridal or baby) in any way. My own opinion and if you (and the bride) disagree then by all means carry on - I know some people must like these games!

So, for questions remember that they'd have to be fair for both bride and groom.
1. What is his middle name? SURE...though if someone doesn't know their significant other's middle name I would say THAT's disconcerting.

2. What hospital was he born in? SURE

3. Does he fold or roll his toilet paper? this really something you'd want discussed about YOU? Do you think the bride does?

4. Boxers or briefs? NO...again, too personal. Would you want a "granny panties or thong" question about you? Do you think the bride does. Not to mention that some people like to be blissfully unaware of others' sex lives and this just screams "WE HAVE SEX." Not good for Grandma.

5. What is his happiest childhood memory? NO...I don't know if I could even tell you MY happiest memory. There are lots of memories over the past thirty years and many could be considered a "best" memory.

6.What made him laugh the hardest in his entire life? NO...same thing; too many possibilities.

7. What does he like most about your personality? NO...

8. Does he like your butt or boobs more? NO...seriously, does grandma want to hear this?!

9. Has he ever skinny dipped? NO...keep grandma in mind again.

10. How many kids does he want to have? MAYBE...if this is a topic of conversation that they have told many people and there's some sort of a joke. But many people have issues with conceiving and some simply don't want kids. This is a touchy subject so it might be best to stay away.

11. What is his favorite car? MAYBE...if you expand. Favorite dream car or favorite car that he's actually owned/driven? (And remember there should be the same question about the bride. Not many car enthusiasts that are female - just sayin'.)

12. Dream vacation spot? SURE

13. What would be his favorite guilty pleasure? NO...His 'guilty pleasure' could very well be somehting sexual. Even if it's not some guests' minds will go right to that possibility. Ugh. Grandma, sorry you have to hear about all this sex.

14. Where was the first place he took you an a date? YES...this would actually be a good one. "What was THEIR first date?"

15. Did he have a childhood nickname? What? SURE...but be prepared for many "correct" answers. Just think of how many different people called you different names growing up.

16. What was his first pet? MAYBE...again it's a bit vague. The first pet his family had when he was born? The first the family got after he was born? A pet that was considered only 'his'?

17. What was his first job? SURE

18.What is his most annoying habbit? NO...let's not start any fights, here.

19. What is his favorite food? SURE...but again be prepared for many answers.

20. What moment did he know he was going to marry you? NO...many people will have no clue. Too many unanswered means it was too hard.


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