After the divorce ... comes a second marriage!

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After the divorce ... comes a second marriage!

Post by Charlenec09 on Wed Aug 14, 2013 6:05 pm

The watchword daring to have fun! Sometimes the style of the celebration of the first marriage is often orchestrated to please Pierre, Jean and Jacques, but who are these people, someone ever encountered? A second marriage can be a unique opportunity to do things differently ...

Listen more

Most of the time, a second wedding occurs at a more mature age (after age 30). We get to know us better with age. We know exactly what we want and most importantly, what we do not want ... We must listen to this inner voice guiding us in our decision-making process.


Usually, the pressures and influences of the inner circle seem less present during the wedding planning. This leaves the peace of mind to the bride and groom to create a celebration that resembles them completely.


Costs are absorbed by the grooms who feel more comfortable investing in a wedding that is more responsive to their financial means. Most of the time, the marriage is more intimate (less than 80 people). This allows for greater investment in a more refined reception (food delicious, carefully chosen, decorative details on the cutting edge wines), more careful than they could have imagined!

The bride's dress

Any bride wonders if she restricted in the style of dress she can wear her second marriage ... The important thing is to find the dress that will represent the formality of marriage (traditional, contemporary, romantic, chic, urban ...) and above all bring a smile and a gentleness in his eyes!

Family Union

Generally, the greatest gift of a first union having been precious children and grandchildren. It is perfect to involve with joy in the celebration of the wedding occasion ...

by choosing to be girls and groomsmen ("best man"), flower girls or pages.
down the aisle on the arm of one or two of their children or grandchildren.
offering a jewel to each child (and grandchildren) that symbolizes the beginning of a new life: the union of two great families!
Marry again, it is the deep desire to live the perfect happiness surrounded by people you love!


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