The second label wedding - save time and money

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The second label wedding - save time and money

Post by Charlenec09 on Wed Aug 14, 2013 6:10 pm

Are you getting married for the second time? Are you sure how to plan for the wedding and I was wondering how to be politically correct? Relax it's easy to follow instructions for the wedding too. A second marriage is very important and can be as glamorous as the first, but the rules are a little more relaxed. The wedding etiquette applies to all marriages and it is up to you to modify it to suit your wants and needs. You've been married before, but not to each other and this is a unique and special occasion. Second wedding etiquette guide you through the wedding planning with ease.

It does not matter how many times you walk down the aisle every time is important and this will be a first. Probably the best thing about a second marriage is that you are experienced and know what you want. Planning any event, it is stressful, and the best thing about it is that there are guidelines. You must have the wedding do you fantasize.

We call every marriage after the first recall a wedding and the number of these types of marriages increases every year. If your first marriage was not what you wanted, this is your chance to have the wedding. If you follow the tradition and etiquette, you will have a simpler and less extravagant formal wedding the second time, although it can certainly be what you want.

According Second Wedding Etiquette that is acceptable:

Wear what you want, preferably without the long train and veil, they are generally for brides for the first time, a hairpiece of flowers or jewels would be the best choice. Choose any color or design dress and you will be well dressed.

Skip the expensive formal invitations, a second marriage can be announced informally by advertising in the newspaper phone calls and invitations store bought. The wedding etiquette advise you to hold a small event and invite close friends and family. Of course, all the children of the couple must be told immediately and the parents of the bride and groom would be the second to know.

You do not need to hold an engagement party, but could have a dinner or something similar to announce your participation to friends.

Because a lot of your guests feel the need to bring a gift, it is acceptable to use a service gift registry. Of course, money is always a good choice.

Many weddings take place in the second courthouse with little planning and expenditure. If you prefer to have a religious ceremony, go ahead and make your plans, what is acceptable as well.

A bridal shower is provided for each bride and is perfectly acceptable for a bride and recall.

The same is true for a second wedding reception, it can be what you want.


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