tomorrow is the big day

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tomorrow is the big day Empty tomorrow is the big day

Post by Libby88 on Tue Sep 03, 2013 2:55 pm

I do a small recap even if it will not be much fed Wink

a small presentation first

me Karen, 34, 35 snifff soon, mom clement (14) and theoretical (10 years) from previous relationships.

darling, alex says nanny (for me Wink ) 39 years, 40 to be in the wedding, dad thierry (15) and Lucia (11 years) born from her previous marriage

Overall, we bound our family with the arrival of Raphael, my love heart, born in December 2007. it will therefore Avoi 5 years.

our history, thunderbolt, I do not know, but favorite undoubtedly, it was known in our workplace and yarn needle is born a great story for 8 years.

request made in March this year after a lot of waiting but related to many blow.
request as I wanted, discreetly, between us and without fuss.
only my fancy, my ring, my chance of love which I was drooling from ..... whistle:{}

no particular theme except that I love that revolves around bubbles and feathers Wink

and I think to the decorations in shades of dark gray, light pink frosted Wink

this marriage is reflected quite well even if the costs are a little scary Wink

So we married August 31, 2013 at 3:30 p.m. at City Hall, with a little luck, we could have a blessing to the church love:{} My fiance is divorced, not entitled to the real ceremony but the priest reassured me and told me he was in talks with the bishopric so fingers crossed Wink

In any case, I can already delete some points which are very important bounce:{}

Room + catering = OK bounce:{}
dj = ok bounce:{}

Photographer = ok bounce:{}

Mayor = 3:30 p.m.

Church =? hope

secular ceremony in case = abandoned sweat:{}

alliances during search

dress: the blur but will ivory or cream Wink

costume gentleman wants a black as I would have liked in light gray Wink

know: current and if it is ok, we will also take the urn, menus, makes up .... because I love what this person does.

salon, a mixture of bun with twisted hair and lach├ęs :??:

I do not think I would take a sail

Here, I would very quickly Wink


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tomorrow is the big day Empty Re: tomorrow is the big day

Post by Libby88 on Tue Sep 03, 2013 2:56 pm

good bah I continue my monologue SadSad

I think I found my witnesses, godmother to my youngest son and my sister

it is also with them that I'm going to try my dresses if I can finally make an appointment Wink

no new lady who has to tell me my Sad

I hope there will not be much delay in creation because otherwise it will be just for revevoir, send and get answers to complete the catering pt1cable:{}pt1cable:{}

there is growing research alliances damn choice and here I thought it would be easy, bah actually take my head because without fear of being wrong about the budget ouch:{}


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