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Post by Koleene on Sat Sep 21, 2013 7:05 pm

Finally he asked me to marry Very Happy

after three years of waiting
after three years of being here
after asking him there two years
after two beautiful babies with him (3 years and a half and one and a half years)

after seeing a lot of my docticopines attendettes have their application and then marry Very Happy

it's FINALLY my turn crepeaunutella

his request was held Friday, June 21 Very Happy
after an Elton John concert Very Happy
walking hand in hand down the street he asked me if I wanted to be his wife love:{}

I of course said yes yes and yes again messirewhistle:{}

since I have a smile Very Happy

we talked a bit about organization with my husband Very Happy
(I love that word Very Happy )
I avoid the drunk or he changes his mind whistle:{}

we agree on one thing simplicity, friendliness and family aspect of marriage
So a simple small wedding (50 people a groin at meal it's not so small lol:{} )

with a cold buffet that we prepare ourselves Smile

I have strong opinions regarding my hair and bouquet (ideas in three years I have seen a pleasant idea whistle:{} )
a vague idea of my wedding dress

I had plenty of ideas but also deco darling rejected all themes sarcastic:{} good he deigned to say that like the apple green / anise Very Happy

now I'm looking forward and at the same time I'm scared to death lol:{}

The wedding is planned in a year

hop room almost booked July 5 Very Happy
I'd twin date with angie 60 docticopine of my galley man who wants to marry SurprisedVery Happy


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