3 keys to a successful outdoor wedding

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3 keys to a successful outdoor wedding Empty 3 keys to a successful outdoor wedding

Post by Rebecca.S on Thu Apr 24, 2014 6:20 pm

Even though this is often a gamble, the outdoor wedding is still dreaming. But beware marry outside adds many constraints and it will keep a cool head no matter the galleys last minute. Waiting for the big day, here are 3 keys to a successful outdoor wedding.
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Key # 1: Provide weather
The idea is not to turn into a frog to predict the weather but to consider all possibilities. First, put the odds in your favor by marrying you in the summer and in a region less prone to rain. Then, since marriage provides more than a year in advance, you will not have the opportunity to appeal to meteorologists. We must plan a backup in case of rain or cold. To do this, you can sit closer to a reception room to repatriate the evening inside or tents that will provide you shelter. Note that depending on the season but the weather vagaries, you may need to rent heaters to ensure a good temperature in the tent .
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Key # 2: Think about the lighting
An outdoor wedding is no problem in the daytime, but at night you may well find yourself in total darkness depending on the location you have chosen. Also, it is essential for both the lighting , the music the kitchen to have an electrical connection or a generator that will ensure the smooth running of the evening. Note that this equipment can be rented and that is generally provided by the places that offer delivery outside of marriage.
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Key # 3: Add a decorative touch
It's not because you're outside and the decor is already very beautiful that you simply must. An outdoor wedding is decorated as well as within so you will need less accessories for your home decor. Remember to draw beautiful tables where flowers remind the surrounding nature and do not hesitate to give height to your decor. For this, the ideal is to have garlands above tables or lanterns that create a real atmosphere. Lastly, to materialize the entrance of your country wedding arch can bring a touch romantic .


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3 keys to a successful outdoor wedding Empty Re: 3 keys to a successful outdoor wedding

Post by jessicajoseph on Fri Aug 01, 2014 10:21 pm

Thanks for sharing this useful information with us~~


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