What colors to choose for a decoration wedding bohemian style?

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What colors to choose for a decoration wedding bohemian style?

Post by Rebecca.S on Thu Apr 24, 2014 6:24 pm

You want to place one of the happiest days of your life under the sign of romance? Opt for the arty trendy. Focus on the delicacy and fluidity for both the wedding dress and holding the lucky one for the decoration of the place of ceremony. To work magic, beautiful hand made ​​with natural materials and soft colors blend and powdery but also bright and shimmering.

Bohemian spirit and shades
The arty showcases shades of pink, violet, soft green and blue . The choice of flowers that make up the center table, match the bridal bouquet, just like the dishes and silk ribbons and lace must respect the harmony of tones. And with these colors, no risk of bad taste because they complement each other perfectly, intertwine perfectly. Deep pink and lavender dotted with purple or fuchsia, pink powder purple and jade green or purple and are successful marriages colors, while delicacy. Remember to bring a touch of brightness by inserting some elements of a white or confirm the pristine elegance of color harmonies by some ecru buttons.

Decorative objects brilliantly colored
Do not hesitate to stage a few decorative objects bohemian spirit. Cups porcelain decorated with beautiful floral designs or butterflies and birds. They welcome you with elegance white dragees, pink and lavender. But make no mistake: if the arty is impregnated with an absolute delicacy, it allows the use of vibrant colors can enhance the dynamic rating molten shades.

The bohemian style is above all an invitation to travel. Like the gypsy caravan, your deco wedding lights red, electric blue and orange. Arrange in a part of the ceremonial hall in the park or a more intimate place suitable for the conversation a few wicker chairs and ottomans in the Eastern mind, many Indian coffee table and cushions colorful ethnic-inspired lanterns and carpets heather. A successful mix of genres inspired by Russian cultures, Eastern and Indian.

Bohemian country for marriage
Aesthetic codes vary depending on the ceremony venue. A bourgeois house in the heart of town is not decorated as a cottage in the middle of Nature . A country wedding bohemian spirit helps bring a breath of freedom to your creativity. Bring life to the garden with colorful garlands and do not hesitate to create a huge patchwork in dépareillant seat covers of garden for more gaiety. You will get a bohemian hippie Deco inspiration. On the terrace, warm atmosphere with a tangle of berber carpet, mats and ropes of silk cushions and velvet. You will find no less colorful fabrics if you want to build a gazebo or arbor trailer way to create a gem to your happiness.


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Re: What colors to choose for a decoration wedding bohemian style?

Post by christinaroberts on Sat Aug 09, 2014 4:43 pm

Amazing. These are lovely decor ideas for bohemian style wedding.


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