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Post by Loris87 on Mon Jan 22, 2018 4:40 pm

Can not decide the color for my wedding&bridesmaid dresses. Thinking about pink and red. Please recommend some choices.?


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Bridesmaid dresses Help Empty Re: Bridesmaid dresses Help

Post by mge54 on Mon Jan 22, 2018 4:42 pm

Pink and red are both lovely colors. I had my wedding Nov right before thanksgiving. Our colors were Red, gray and white. My husband & I wore all white. While my bridesmaids were dressed in red with silver shoes and jewelry the groomsmen were gray with red ties. It was lovely. You should see what everyone comfortable paying. We had away programs months before our wedding for everyone so no broke the bank our wedding was absolutely perfect.

I like the combo of pink and red.
Doing pink, my husband did not want the guys have to wear pink, so we had pink dresses and the men had pink boutonnieres. No pink in their tuxes.

So if you are going with pink dresses, you need to talk to the groom about how to tie pink in. Not all grooms will go with pink in the tuxes.

Red is bright, pink as the accent color.

Alfred Angelo bridesmaid has dresses that are two tone.
You could go to the site, and look at two tone bridesmaid dresses, you could try the colors an the main and accent color.

My sister picked her colors when we went bridesmaid shopping. We found the dress, she like the color it came in, that is how she picked her color. Not everyone know what color they want, it's okay. The color will come to you


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