What the hell do I do? I'm a bride in 3 weeks.?

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What the hell do I do? I'm a bride in 3 weeks.? Empty What the hell do I do? I'm a bride in 3 weeks.?

Post by Charlenec09 on Tue Jul 23, 2013 5:20 pm

Hi everyone.

First of all thanks for choosing to read my bs. I am upset right now and fuming.

So I'm having 6 bridesmaids. To be honest, I didn't want this many. I wanted 3. But my fiancé wants to add all these close people and I ended up have to gather people who I wouldn't really want Sad

Anyways, some being strict with religious backgrounds, they can't show their shoulders and chest area. Which as you can imagine makes my job so hard. Anyway I sucked it up and managed to find some cap sleeved dresses. I get them made. The dresses come and noone seems satisfied. Now me as the bride, I'm so stressed as it is and I feel like as bridesmaids they need to be more considerate.

I feel like I'm trying to please everyone but myself. I'm not a bridezilla at all. To be honest, I want my bridesmaids to look stunning and amazing. But I'm limited. Should I tell them to go out and find their own but stick to the same colour. Each one can that way have a different style dress but the same colour? I really just wanna feel like they are happy on my day because I can't see myself Being happy unless everyone around me is Sad is that bad?


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