I just got married, and now doubting my decision ...?

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I just got married, and now doubting my decision ...?

Post by Charlenec09 on Tue Jul 23, 2013 5:26 pm

Yes I know it was quick, It was a matter of a couple months. Well I met him 7 months ago, but we started talking and fell completely head over heels instantly. We were attracted and got married in like 2 months. Personally now I think is was desire , sexual desire.He is so perfect though. I do cherish him. I know my responses and actions probably speak for themselves as far as being a little cold now.

I also just lost my job bills up the bazookas and stressed massively. So I think that has a little to do with how I feel... I got married on last Sunday and was fired the Friday before .....Its been a week , we have had incredible sex, and I feel like 'oh well' 'I got it and Im ready to move on'. Yea like a guy I conquered and got the prize now ready to stop.

Sounds funny coming from a female , but I just don't think I love him now. I feel as though I lusted and now its full filled I am ready to walk. I cant now.

So now my problem is, Do I ride it out til I get a job and see if its just not depression from getting fired or do I discuss it with him ... He is like me and sensitive though.I don't want to hurt him. I think we would make an amazing team , that's why I said yes... Now I wanna run, after a surprise wedding. Yea we were spose to wait a couple months , but he decided to marry RIGHT NOW by the religious leader that was present.

This is a valid concern... Not just whining... Oh and also I just converted to Islam , and trying to learn.,He is trying to guide me, but I think he pushes too fast on somethings and not enough on others . So is it having too much on my plate and overwhelming or should i just say bye?

ust to add... I stayed celibate for 2 years after the end of a very abusive marriage... My EX was horrible. I am in counseling ... To get past 10 years of abuse. I have a great man , and scared .. He does give me the world and have never had any one do that. I am use to fending for myself and being alone. I have a hard time letting him in.... ]

Yes there is more than just sex.. It is awesome but I am scared that the lust is why I married him so early, and my teenage daughter was right... "its too soon mom" "you dont know him"... There is nothing wrong with him.. Its all me.

I did not join Islam for him , I did it for me... I am in love with the whole religion ... Its pure and beautiful...He is just the bonus....


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