Exbf just married the woman he cheated on me with?

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Exbf just married the woman he cheated on me with?

Post by Charlenec09 on Tue Jul 23, 2013 5:28 pm

last April 2012, i found out my bf, now ex was cheating on me but I wasnt sure, he told me the pictures i found were of his sister whom I had never met. Weeks later he got distant, we never officaially broke up, he barely asked to see me anymore but remained in communication and would ques my whereabouts and who i'm with, invite me on errands and lunch, still have sex, brought me a xmas gift. .On many occasions he would also say I want to work things out. I wanted to work things out so I put up with this **** but it was bothering me so occasionally I would act like a witch and fly off the handel. He saw this and in Dec said I wanted to marry you and work things out with you but ur turned crazy and you weren't like this during our relationship crazy. He did this until I would say feb this year. In Feb, he said he no longer has anymore emot attachement and that would be the last time. He loves me but not like he did before. I was highly upset, felt used and betrayed. Come March, I went on a date, someway, i dont know how, it got back to him and he contacted me days later and questioned who I was with, etc and invited me on an errand, i turned him down. Here's the thing last Oct, in so many words he said he's engaged. I came to find out it was the person he was cheating on me with. I asked weeks later and he said he wasn't engaged and everytime he felt like it he would say yes I am, no I am not depending on my attitude towards him. He was obviously playing me, stringing me along I guess just in case his relationship didn't work??? On April 11, he invited he asked for my help with a test and invited me over his home. He put his hands on me and so that led to sex. April 19th, he invited to lunch. During the lunch I tried to tell him I want to work things out but he said no, its too late, youdid so many wrong things to me, you were a horrible gf. ( I really think he says these things to justify his behavior and why he ran off so fast to this women but kept me around) He said he loves me. He is in love with her and he wants to marry her. I said you wanted to marry me months ago and were in love with me months ago, so thats crazy. I told him I think ur just in lust or infatuation now or she did voodoo on you. Now April 27th, he got married. This man cheated on me then cheated on her with me. I did want to confront her many times about his scandolous ways but felt it was too late, I shouldve contacted her when him and i were still together and he cheated n me but I didn't. He is gone and told me weeks ago he didn't want to be with me anymore, so i threw the things in his face that he asked me to do,( he has asked me for many favors past few months and I always say, well where is she, why doesn't she do anything, he desn't like when I do that, I also say then why the hell you have sex the past few months with me and he would get upset. I am very hurt, sad, upset, I still love him but he is so gone and now married. Lastly, this is shallow of me but I would like to say, this girl is oppposite of me, has four kids and I don't think attractive either. I don't know what he saw in her. I have told him for weeks, months you are making a mistake, stop and come back. he chose her. If he was so in love with her, why keep me around the entire relationship/engagement. His relationship/engagement/wedding was all in 1 year and months before that he was saying he wants to marry me. I just don't get it. I was good to him, he says I put him second to my friends which is not true. He was even physically and verbally abusive during our relationship. Now he leaves me like that. He didn't even see the good I did by him.


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