Just married man calls me up every day?

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Just married man calls me up every day? Empty Just married man calls me up every day?

Post by Charlenec09 on Tue Jul 23, 2013 5:30 pm

He is just married for about 6 months. his wife is beautiful and young (24). he is 26. he is my co-worker. i am 22. we just recently talk a lot and find it comfortable being with each other. But he calls me up at nigh ( around 10). he calls me up at weekend, ask me to go out having a drink. Any time he goes on a trip for business, he calls me and chat with me late at night. I wonder what is that relationship. Does he "likes" me that way?

I want to add more details. We never talk dirty or flirty, he always keeps the space between us. But he calls me and talks to me alot. He even ask me out for snacks or drinks, lunch, dinner after work.
3 months ago

But i am lonely at work. I got no friend there. I like a different guy but i got no chance. He seems care about me. He helps me to find a different job. Everytime we go out, he pays for me. I ask him to share but he said when i got high salary and he will let me do it. i do not know how this relationship will lead to. A "friendship"?? is it normal for a married guy to do this?


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