Just married and keep arguing?

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Just married and keep arguing? Empty Just married and keep arguing?

Post by Charlenec09 on Tue Jul 23, 2013 5:31 pm

My husband and I got married 6months ago and very recently its all gone downhill. We love each other so much and separating is not an option (when we're apart for just a couple of nights we end up missing each other so much) but we are driving each other mad. I really need some advice!

I admit I have been destructive in the relationship even from the start (we've been together 5years) and by that I mean I often put him down and say quite vicious things when I'm angry. He's learnt to take these things i say lightly because when ive calmed down I'm so regretful. He's such a great guy and everyone loves him, hes caring and loyal and everything I could ask for but lately hes changed so much, basically since he got the ring on my finger. He always wants to be out with the boys, he never wants to just be the two of us. He says all I do is nag but I feel he does nothing round the house and it's a constant battle to get him to do it, so of course I sound like I nag! Before we got married we were very settled, we spent a lot of time together and everything was rosy. We had a little kitten and we felt like a family (sounds silly!) and we talked about having a baby soon. Now lots of his mates have moved and live close so hes always at their houses playing Xbox or down the pub after work, our kitten died and now he's not interested in trying for a baby whatsoever! One other detail...he smokes weed and i am sick and tired of it. I want him to give it up and we fight constantly about it. I think he should quit because it's generally bad for your health and mind and if we do try for a baby I want him to be healthy. He's smoked it for over 10 years, loves it and doesn't see the harm. I hate it so much when he's stoned.

He says I don't appreciate anything he does for me, that I don't let him do what he wants and that all I do is insult him, which has been true. I recognise I need to change. We're at loggerheads, help!!


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