Married problems already??? Any Advice?

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Married problems already??? Any Advice? Empty Married problems already??? Any Advice?

Post by Charlenec09 on Tue Jul 23, 2013 5:32 pm

Well I feel lied too as well by my wife. before we married we didn't have sex, but she would always tell how horney she was and so on and things that made her sound very sexual! Until we get married! We have been married now for 2 months and have only had sex 3 times. She blames it on her age 39, but she is a hottie and wears next too nothing too bed, but gets mad when I rub up on her. I am trying so hard for one to stay with her and two not too cheat. I get around 2-5 offers a day to cheat and it is getting harder and harder! She says this but the problem is I knew her ex boyfriend and they had sex all the time. She was very loving on him, but not on me. It is killing my heart! I took my vows very seriously, but it's looking like maybe it is time too back out. I know she loves me, but not so sure I am really her type. She used to call me her platonic husband and wander if maybe that is how she feels! I hope not, but she also knew I had a very high sex drive going into this marriage. It took every thing with in me to respect her wishes of waiting for sex this time around. Now that we are married though this is crap! I waited 5 years for this woman, but now at times I wish I wouldn't


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