Do Muslims go on honeymoons?

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Do Muslims go on honeymoons?

Post by Charlenec09 on Tue Jul 23, 2013 5:37 pm

I have some questions about romance and marriage in Muslim culture. I am an American learning Islam, so questions are based on comparison with culture I know here:

Do Muslims wear wedding rings? Do they go on honeymoons? Weddings are to be kept modest and inexpensive, is that right? Are there rules for proposing marriage? What makes a marriage official (recognized by the government or the Muslim community?)? What are Muslim weddings like? What types of rules are there for courtship? Do Muslim men give Muslim women flowers during courtship?

Sorry so many questions at once, but they are on same basic subject so I thought better to keep them together rather than post eight separate questions, hope it is not too much to answer. Thanks.

Lol, Chris, I think Muslims may be different from what I know from living in the Christian West because Islam and its culture have many differences (thank goodness for many of them) from Christianity and the West, so I was just curious on these customs.
5 years ago

These are great answers, thank you those who took the time. There were a couple things that made me laugh too. To one answerer, oh sure I'm cute but cute people are a dime a dozen, it's the other qualities I have that count. Anyhow, I have someone in mind I have known for years in my town, just waiting for her to give me permission to ask and for her to signal sincere agreement with my condition that she must be a true follower of Allah and learn and accept Islam with me.


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