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Post by Koleene on Wed Jul 24, 2013 1:54 pm

well that's the day I read the recap, deck ideas, seeking advice! I posted to the right and left!
So now I just do a little recap of our marriage.

I'm 35, and her 33 years. I have 36 years of marriage, and it always 33!
We've known, uh ... 9 or 10 years and we have been together for five years. It was PACS in 2008 and now we prepare for our wedding!
We like to laugh a lot, simple people, manga and video games, Japan (I talk to understand some choices for our wedding!)

Date: 25 August 2012

Number of persons: 30 32.
Present: uh, well, it often changes the last two days ... say 23 sisters and the rest to see!
It is 25 sisters! 26! 27 and 3 children. it should move!
Well, if it moves ... 28 + 3 children ...

It's a small wedding with a small budget! It was between € 2,000 and € 2,500 ... where some choices to make!
Arf, is a bit beyond ... it is not far from € 3000. but it will!

Theme: it says in the title!

mayor: made ​​(mayor of the city where you live) to 11:30 noon 11:45! the mayor has changed time without warning!
to have time to make photos of the couple before.

Meals: at my in-laws: the landscaped garden, the winery if it is too hot or shine!

garden: green, white and silver
winery: red and white

Organization of the day:
8:45: dressing table -> Time changed: 8:15 ... oops ... 8am now ... we'll get there lol
10h couple pictures -> 9:30 ... 9:15
11:30 12 11:45: mayor
12:30 Group Photo + various photos
13h: cocktail / BBQ
afternoon meal, games, ...
19h cold buffet and dancing -> buffet at 20:30

Chinese takeaway: to see Done!
Indian Catering: DONE
+ Vietnamese barbecue

dessert to choose (B offered by my parents), but not a wedding cake!
DONE! Yes! raspberry, chocolate and lychee sauce / raspberry cake

Will also full of sweets to nibble! We went to Paris in Chinatown and bought Chinese nougat, sweets, biscuits Chinese lucky ...

Catering: choose Made
we do not know yet if we remade an Asian meal or not, it may be much easier because of our budget!
dessert pastry that same lunch Made

We do share (double-sided)
Our wedding DIY projects Mariage-deco-diy-devant-derriere-fp-img
Our wedding DIY projects Mariage-deco-diy-fp-interieur-img
Our wedding DIY projects Monsieur-img_2428-resized-img
Our wedding DIY projects Mariage-mariee-img_2111-resized-img
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