Buy wedding dress, beware!

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Buy wedding dress, beware! Empty Buy wedding dress, beware!

Post by Koleene on Wed Aug 07, 2013 1:50 pm


I just bought my wedding dress for a wedding that will take place in August 2013, and my happiness was tempered!

We live in the Paris region, and I made fittings in several renowned boutiques ... Prices have panicked me, because it seemed more important than the food, places that are perfect dress ... I then said I would look in my home region of Auvergne. I looked on the internet and discovered a new store that sells dresses and cymbeline company at affordable prices. The concept of the factory shop!

I do fittings and crunches on a dress. I allow myself a little time to think, but the saleswoman told me she can leave at any time ... I returned to the store and reserve. On leaving, I was told that if I do not get it back at Christmas, I will lose the deposit and the dress will be sold. A few days ago, I look at the pictures and doubt assails me. I said at worst make new fittings in the shop and you'll see! Yesterday I called to tell him I would like to try on the dress and other reserved. The saleswoman replied, not edits were made! Wrong because my mom will let me rework. I arrive in the afternoon at the shop and the shop welcomes us coldly and isolates us. She asked: "What happens with this dress" I said that I doubt and application to other fittings to reassure me ... I was told the dresses are not returned or exchanged (the dress had not been out of the shop!). The saleswoman and mother clings. Unable to speak, I burst into tears, screaming to me that listening! I asked the owner to call ... I told him ... And she said listen casserole you just sell your dress on ebay! I asked him to pay anyway the price of the original dress, even though I chose a cheaper ... She replied, no. Why: because! I thank spoil me now and tells him she is not shopping. After many tears, I let her talk to the seller and I can try other models ... Unfortunately for the store (very small) other clients have all heard and fled! I tried two other models, the cabin door is wide open, I have no shoe, no words ... In short, paradise ... Finally, iron the dress chosen and others confirms my choice ... And I leave with this dress discord ... Still, if you are attracted by brands dresses in factory stores Nemours, La Roche-sur-Yon and Clermont-Ferrand, flee ... With a little luck all the shops are called Brides of France! Go rather to point marriage (the dresses are the same price!)


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