Wedding gift, birthday gift: that offering and how to do it?

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Wedding gift, birthday gift: that offering and how to do it? Empty Wedding gift, birthday gift: that offering and how to do it?

Post by Koleene on Mon Aug 12, 2013 5:07 pm

What am I going to offer? That is the question we all ask ourselves at a wedding, a birthday, etc.. Find the gift to buy is anything but simple! Each also has its habits in this area. These are below the different types of gift buyers. Which group do you belong?

The provision
Prevention is better than cure. True to this motto, the provision buy her gifts when he sees something he likes. No matter whether birthday or wedding anniversary is in 6 months, this type of buyer refuses the stress of last minute. This has still some dangers: the purchased well in advance gifts are often forgotten or misplaced. It may also be that we have more desire to offer this gift and it is "has been" the time comes.

The manual
A home-made shell mobile phone, recipe grandmother revisited or canvas made: this is the gift that wants to offer the manual. In general, this is very fun because we know how long it required, etc.. If you are good, go for it! Be careful though because sometimes the tastes of each are not those of others ...

The lover of "good for" and box
Giving money it seems impersonal but at the same time he wants to offer his family a gift that they like really. This is amateur "good for" and box. In fact, with this type of gift, his family will decide on the use of funds. Only problem, we tend to forget what kind of present and not to use it ...

The buyer on the internet
This is the one who refuses to have to queue for a box and to wrestle the horde of people on Saturday morning at the mall. , He wants to go shopping ensconced in his couch. Equipped with a credit card, it foams online stores in search of the perfect gift. This group of buyers is growing. What must be especially careful, it is the delivery. Regardless of the efforts to find the gift if it happens three days too late.

The follower of the last minute
"What, it's already tomorrow?", That's very representative of the type of people who abhor buying gifts and still waiting for the last minute. He also often need the adrenaline to get the right gift idea. But beware, when there is little time, we can not find ...

Gift ideas to share on the forum ? One thing is certain, if you plan to get married, make life easier for your loved ones by opening your wedding list online .


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