How to choose a good wedding theme?

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How to choose a good wedding theme? Empty How to choose a good wedding theme?

Post by Koleene on Mon Aug 12, 2013 5:12 pm

To decorate the best wedding, all married choose a wedding theme. Decorating a wedding should be coordinated by a wedding theme and in a color.

Generally, the choice of theme brings us to one or two selected colors. Once the theme and all the colors defined by the wedding theme, just choose the wedding decorations and wedding accessories (accessories ceremony, church decoration, decoration of wedding reception table decoration and to textiles worn by the bride and groom and bridesmaids), everything will be in extension and continuity of the choice of style! I have defined marriage in the first place by married.

First, set your wedding date: the wedding date will give you ideas about the choice of wedding theme. Needless to select a white wedding theme, snow mountain if you marry in the month of August! The choice of the wedding season will be a first important point define almost the same time as the wedding theme.

Sometimes the season of marriage become even whole theme chosen for your party: a wedding in winter is usually decorated accessories shaped snowflake, and everything is generally focused on the snow like a wedding will fall themed dead leaves and always in shades of brown, orange and fall colors.

Define your wedding theme according to his tastes and his passion.

Sport, country, an activity, a hobby, a passion, everything is good to turn his desires and tastes into a real wedding theme to decorate and accessorize! You have a taste for travel. you love a particular country or you want to be guided by your spoken for decoration and new decorative themes addressed tastes: Bollywood theme, Chinese theme, Zen Asian theme and ecological conservation, green / spring theme, vintage cinema theme, theme music ... fashion theme joined decoration, and new sen trend for decoration inspired necessarily wedding themes.

Preferred topics for couples: the themes of the trendiest weddings.

Marriage trends are many: many choices of wedding themes exist and they all have a touch, a touch of originality: their particularity make each of these themes a magical world, an original design plan, a world apart !Start with wedding themes that are making a comeback, romantic and traditional, but do not go out of style: the wedding theme of butterflies, angels, fairies theme and fairy tales (romantic princess wedding). Come on new themes, wedding themes of India, Africa, Asia, Morocco, Eastern or Asian theme wedding, Japanese or Zen theme, and everything related to spirituality and Asian traditions, theme trips the exotic scenery with a mixture of all these countries there. Theme currently in vogue and that everyone speaks: ecology (green wedding, eco chic, natural marriage). Very different and very classy at the same time, wedding decoration theme Las Vegas is a mixture of the game and the originality of the American city). . The seasonal themes are nice and unusual, especially in the winter wedding theme (on snow and mountain) very simple and rather wonderful, is the wedding theme is the most original season: it is more increasingly popular lately with the wedding season for a wedding that is different from the majority of summer weddings.

Color combinations: decorations by colors set the tone

The color blends are many wedding decoration. .Spirit, theme, mood, place of receipt, color sets the tone for the wedding and the mix of colors will make your decor more modern wedding, more traditional, more likely, cozier, warmer, more eccentric .... The choice of color combinations are many and it can give a unique touch to your wedding and make it elegant and extraordinary.

The last color for a wedding decoration in vogue is black and white. Other fashionable colors: blue: different shades of blue and their meanings: azure, blue clear, blue sea spirit and boat), aqua blue (mind summer vacation by the sea, and sea Islands), one color (blue) can determine several wedding themes and decorations will not be at all the same as the color gradient.

Pink, popular with brides, has become the reference color of wedding fashion. Light pink wedding decoration, to give a romantic wedding, traditional wedding, and even old-time side. Decoration fuchsia pink wedding, flashy color and an unconventional, pink decoration style, to give a little retro and address marriage rather as a party celebrating the bride.

The color green has become unequivocally favorite color natural marriages. . To decorate a country theme, a spring theme and decorate a wedding to beautify a reception in a natural style, small birds, chic picnic or lunch in a garden, this is a color that will decorate the wedding on the theme of trees, plants, flowers and outdoor weddings.

Other colors that are inspired by the love the red and purple, while a red wedding, red passion or a fully decorated purple: it is the benchmark for modern weddings. These two extremes are very chic colors: red decorate a wedding theme love, passion Valentine while violet is not so much a specific theme: spring, summer, autumn and winter, all seasons are good for wedding decoration purple, violet arrogant, luxurious and valuable.


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How to choose a good wedding theme? Empty Re: How to choose a good wedding theme?

Post by christinaroberts on Wed Jul 30, 2014 4:58 pm

The best and easy way to choose your wedding theme is to order your dream wedding invitations. The color scheme and design style of your invitation gives you an idea of your wedding theme which will match you and your partners personality.


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