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Animation for children at the wedding Empty Animation for children at the wedding

Post by Charlenec09 on Wed Aug 14, 2013 5:24 pm

Children need little to be happy but if they are bored, they also prevent their parents to enjoy. We do not have the same conception of fun and it takes for everyone.

If you plan a lot of kids for your wedding, it is best to hire an animation service for children. You can choose which one you think is the best or that they will enjoy the most.

• The classic clowns with their jokes and costumes are usually a treat for children.

• If your child is older audience, a magic number may be the solution.

• All children love stories. Why not a reader of stories or puppets? Tell them a story and involve them through games or questions. They love it.

• A circus workshop where they will be taught how to walk on stilts, juggling, doing magic tricks or ride a unicycle can be great fun and take a long time.

• A gymkhana or investigation to find ways to get the first prize is entertaining and suitable for all ages.

• You can also hire a bouncy castle where they can jump at will until exhaustion.

• If your wedding is a wedding cheap , get a defined and decorated them with tales for reading area, coloring books, crayons to draw, paint, balls , hoops or building blocks for they can have fun and spend a good part of the evening with them without you having to hire someone.


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