Children good memories of your wedding

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Children good memories of your wedding Empty Children good memories of your wedding

Post by Charlenec09 on Wed Aug 14, 2013 5:31 pm

At weddings you never know what to make of children. That is why we offer facilitators and host-comedian-magician for framing.
One or more performers may occur, depending on the number of children at your wedding to take care of them and prevent parents running after them!
Comedians-magicians artists can also intervene to make them real spectcales

As part of a wedding for example (formula'' cool'' from 20h to 00h)
The facilitator puts up various activities for children:
- Coloring
- Board games
- Games outside (depending on the environment of the room)
- Musical Games (if a room is dedicated to them)
- Boum (dancing during the meal parents in another room)
- Watching cartoons on screen

Under the formulas'' super'' and'' extra'' great artist who comes is a great entertainer for children (eg Sami)
It will be magic, entertainment, extra ordinary events that leave a lasting impression with these wonderful children who deserve it.

The purpose of these interventions is mostly to keep the kids meal times so that you and your guests, as children good memories of your wedding.


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