The best men at wedding

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The best men at wedding

Post by Charlenec09 on Wed Aug 14, 2013 5:38 pm

Did you know that the bride is not the only one with its procession of honor on her wedding day? The groom may also be accompanied by its own set formed by the best men.

The bridesmaids are not the only ones to have a special role in weddings, although so far the best men were relatively unknown. But then, what is their role? The best men are simply the male equivalent of the bridesmaids to the groom.

Other useful info about them:

The best men are usually the best friends of the groom.
Usual, there are the same number of men as best bridesmaids.
Their mission is to support and help the groom during the preparations for the organization of Wedding e. It is also preparing them his bachelor boy .
The best men are usually all the same suit, or at least a suit of the same color, and wear accessories (tie, bowtie, vest, suspenders and stockings) of the same color as the groom.
Their buttonholes will also be identical to that of the groom, father and godfather, in agreement with the bridal bouquet.
If you have decided to do a first look before the ceremony, your bridesmaids and your best men will be present on some pictures of your report you will realize that time.


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