Realistically, how much does a wedding cost?

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Realistically, how much does a wedding cost?

Post by Charlenec09 on Tue Jul 23, 2013 5:42 pm

I'm planning on getting married next year. We are hoping for a civil ceremony and reception held in the same place (either a lovely hotel or barn, something like that).

Realistically, how much are we looking at including flowers, dresses/suits, photographer, band/DJ, venue hire, wedding breakfasts etc.

We are not going to hire cars and I'm going to try and make lots of things myself (decorations, invites) as I'm artistic. I also don't think i'll bother with hiring someone to do my hair and makeup.

I'm really clueless. We've initially budgeted for £7,000 but I have a feeling it will be a lot more?


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