How safe is it to buy a wedding dress online?

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How safe is it to buy a wedding dress online? Empty How safe is it to buy a wedding dress online?

Post by Koleene on Wed Aug 07, 2013 1:51 pm

Im getting married in June of 09 and ive started to browse around for wedding dress salons around my area and there are not that many. The problem with those that are close is that they dont have a huge variety. Im young so i guess i would be considered a princess bride right? anyway, there are some dresses that i found online at a really great price but ive never bought anything online so far (much less a wedding dress!) do u think its safe? i need advice. please be genuine and respectful. thanx


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How safe is it to buy a wedding dress online? Empty Re: How safe is it to buy a wedding dress online?

Post by Admin on Wed Aug 07, 2013 1:53 pm

1} Buy from a reputable person who accepts returns

2] read sizing info carefully Bridal gowns are not cut like off the rack clothes you may need a larger size than you normally wear. Get someone who you trust to help with your measurements.

3] Make sure you have a local tailor/seamstress who can alter a wedding gown . Example gowns are shortened at the waist not hemmed at the bottom

4] go to a bridal salon in your area and ask questions about fabric and design terms. Try on a few dresses to see how each style looks.

5] Many salons can order gowns they don't have in stock.

I think its ok if you get the measurements from the dress and make sure it will work for you. The only problem is, if it doesnt fit, it may be difficult to return, or you may have to spend more money to get it altered. If you are buying from Ebay, make sure the seller has a good feedback rating, and make sure to ask questions before you commit to buy.

Honesty I dont think its a good idea or that its safe. Its best to try on, feel, and see the dress in person so you can make an informed decision. Some people try to other states to go to their bridal stores. With a lot of retailers they dont authorize their dresses to be sold online anyways. For the dresses you do like you can right down the name and catalog number from the designers website and call bridal stores that are near you to see if they carry the dress so you can try it on.

I ordered my wedding dress from a seller in china on - talk about risky! But it came in just as in the photo, in the time they said it would, and it fits me perfectly.

My advice is:
~ order in advance so in case there is something wrong (lousy, damaged in shipping, not as it appeared, doesn't fit, etc) there is time for the seller to correct your order OR for you to get to a salon and buy a new dress
~ make sure you get your measurements taken properly. Even if it means paying a tailor a few bucks, it'll be worth it in the long run.
~ do not do the "i'm going to lose weight so I'll order 2 sizes smaller than I measure" thing. DUMB IDEA! If you order your size now and happen to lose weight before the wedding, a tailor/seamstress can take the dress in.
~ try to make contact with someone that has dealt with that online seller and get a personal (or as personal as you can via computer) recommendation.

I wouldn't recommend it if you meet the following criteria:

1. You are extremely particular and detail-oriented.
2. You are on a very tight budget
3. You don't know anyone that does alterations

The above factors will decrease your chances of being very happy with what you get. If you are one a tight budget, you should prefer to see what you are getting and have a person with a store available to you where you can go and know exactly what you are getting. I have seen brides on a tight budget get a gown this way, and since they don't have anyone to go back to sometimes, they end up having to get a new gown entirely, and are often at the mercy of Goodwill or other local shops. If you don't know someone who can do alterations on a wedding gown (it's not like hemming pants, seriously), and you don't have a shop that will do them for you, you won't get a perfect fit, and everyone wants their dress to fit perfectly.

However, if you don't notice a few missing beads, you've got someone who has proven alteration skills for a wedding gown, and you don't want to spend a lot, and are not particular about every detail of your gown: you just want a nice affordable gown, online may be a very good way to go.

I'm not saying this to get you to go to a store (you may have seen my other posts stating that I work selling wedding gowns, realistically I have dealt with hundreds of brides and many are not overly concerned with details, but many are, and those that are should have someone to deal with that understands them and knows the level of quality expected. It is your wedding day and the last thing you need is a wedding gown headache, so keep those things in mind. Also, with a store you can actually touch items. When you're looking online all you have is a picture, and you don't know the materials they've used. I've talked to brides who've ordered items that looked beautiful online, and then were cheap junk when they came in.

Also, where I live many brides drive hours to go to bridal stores, so this is not uncommon. Smile


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How safe is it to buy a wedding dress online? Empty Re: How safe is it to buy a wedding dress online?

Post by prettysalon on Mon Nov 18, 2013 5:24 pm

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How safe is it to buy a wedding dress online? Empty Re: How safe is it to buy a wedding dress online?

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