5 theme ideas for a wedding table

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5 theme ideas for a wedding table Empty 5 theme ideas for a wedding table

Post by Rebecca.S on Thu Apr 24, 2014 6:26 pm

Create a table decoration wedding is not an easy task because it is the table that will determine the whole direction of marriage. Here are some ideas to inspire you and make your wedding your greatest success into the table decoration.
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A plant theme
For a table with finesse, ideal for spring, we choose a theme where flowers and other plants are in the spotlight. The focus is on natural colors in a mixture of green and cream. Dishwashing, opt for ornate patterns that meet the flowers to decorate the table.

A boudoir theme
For a princess wedding, nothing beats a boudoir theme to the "Marie-Antoinette" by Sofia Coppola. For this, the pastel colors and silverware are required! Choose white plates that will bring elegance to the table. For decoration, we choose rose petals, buttons and small meringues for a theme of lightness and delicacy.

A rural theme
Why not break the rules of traditional marriage by opting for a country picnic? The focus is on a campaign that will have dishes chic in pretty wicker baskets. Provide small pillows for guests to sit and cross your fingers that the sun is in the game.

A white theme
For a traditional wedding, white is the color of choice! Consider choosing the beautiful dishes associated with elegant machine. You can keep the traditional color but play more original shapes and design.

A red theme passion
To express your love through the decor of your table, bet on red color with a touch of gold for elegance. You will get an intense and festive table. Play with color variations for the glasses, which will bring transparency and lightness to the table.


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5 theme ideas for a wedding table Empty Re: 5 theme ideas for a wedding table

Post by christinaroberts on Mon Aug 18, 2014 4:25 pm

I do agree. These are really some lovely and elegant wedding reception ideas which can make wedding a splendid ceremony for couples.


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