Finding the theme of our wedding ...

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Finding the theme of our wedding ... Empty Finding the theme of our wedding ...

Post by Koleene on Mon Aug 12, 2013 5:16 pm

Today I will reveal to you the theme that we have chosen, Mr. Fresh and I (especially me for that matter) to "dress" our wedding!

(Yes, I say "dress", because a theme, colors, and more generally the decor, it is not the essence of your wedding, but just a stooge if I may say ...)

Rather, it is a palette of colors, a thread, a general atmosphere ... but I'll use the word "theme" to sum it all.

I gave you some clues showing you my announcement .

So what?

So, first I want to explain the path that led me to choose this famous theme ...

For most of the theme itself, it is difficult to find I would like to talk to you!

There are some for whom the choice of a theme for their wedding is obvious. Because they want to share a particular passion with their guests, or because they have well-defined in terms of decor tastes, or because they do not particularly want to theme, just ... Well for me it n has not been the case at all!

Small flashback.

Mr. Fresh me asked her to marry three days earlier .

The whole family has EVER been made aware, our witnesses have ALREADY been selected and informed of our choice, the guest list EVER recorded on Excel, I ALREADY searching the net looking for the dress of my dreams, and screened a dozen candidates for the place ...

Yet I seem to have forgotten something very important ... but yes, of course, the wedding theme!

Mr. Fresh reaction: "Huh, what, how a theme? Ah yes, I'm stupid ... it's true that you're a hysterical decoration, you! ".

In search of the lost theme.

The problem is that on this one, I'm totally out of inspiration ...

Me, always on the lookout for the latest trends in festive decoration, known throughout south-west of France My circle of friends for my birthday decorations, wake up, or simple meals with friends ... Well then, for one of the most important events of my life, for our wedding, I dry, as I say, I dehydrates me completely!

I'm pacing all blogs dedicated to marriage seeking original ideas, nothing is clicked in my brain! (Not even non-original ideas, that is to say ...)

I fumble, I mention a few possibilities without being convinced myself:
Mounting Sex Pistols Miss Fresh

A vintage style or shabby chic? Bad Mr. Fresh is not a big fan of what he calls the objects "cheesy" and colors "past" ...
A British style rock 70s? Initially, I really like this idea and I plan to put even a touch punk. Yeah, on reflection, I'm not sure that version of God Save The Queen Sex Pistols for the entrance of the bride, it is the idea of ​​the century ...
(Note: the photo is mounting against my dear friends had made ​​for my 30th birthday ...)
A retro 20s style? Oh no, this is already the subject of the next Christmas Eve, thin ...
Etc, etc ...
Anyway, I have to wonder if Mr. Fresh finally not right: a theme, pfff, what for?

It's true, what, when you're invited to a wedding, the first question that comes to your mind is not "What is the theme? ".

Come on, it's decided, is dropped for the theme!

We will focus on a simple concept: the colors. This is not so bad!

Unfortunately, again, the revelation has decided to make his little way before arriving. And not the easiest path: exit shortcuts, detours live!

I'm testing, I matched them shades close, the opposite colors, I make prototypes tassels of all colors, and I transformed my staircase showroom ... but to no avail, I can not seem to me decide.

Photo credits: DR

The opinion of Dr. Fresh, do not speak, he did not! The most important thing for him is that all his friends are there on the day, and the festival lasts three days! (Fortunately, our men are there to bring us back down to earth regularly, huh?)

Until the day my 5 year old daughter showed me his latest work of art, all daubed purple, reminding me that purple is her "favorite color" ...

But why did not I think of that hell of a good night!

The colors of our wedding will be blue and green, of course!

Blue, the favorite color of the groom.
Green, the favorite color of the bride.
And now, it's done and done with it!

In contrast to the official version, they will say we chose blue and green because:

It's pretty, it's fresh, it's nice for the summer.
The green nature, green environmental.
The blue sky, the blue of my eyes (oh no they are green ... oh well it works anyway at once!).
Finally, know that the concept is still refined over time, my creativity is being awakened from a deep sleep, and our desires are being asserted.

Our wedding will be placed under the sign of freshness and lightness:

cool colors to mitigate somewhat the summer heat
printed dots
materials with transparency
white flowers
air decorations
And presto, a small preview:


palette of blue and green tones

And Mr. Fresh, he said what?

"Wow! Yeah I gets off! But uh ... where is that you went get all that? "

And you, have you set a theme, a style, a thread for your wedding? If so, did you find easy? Tell!


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Finding the theme of our wedding ... Empty Re: Finding the theme of our wedding ...

Post by maggie123 on Tue Oct 15, 2013 4:59 pm

For a wedding to be a delightful experience one must have a proper theme planned for the wedding. Theme weddings are usually in nowadays. Most of the parties we attend for a wedding reception or a wedding day it generally have some sort of theme planned in it which actually gives a nice touch to the wedding.


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Finding the theme of our wedding ... Empty Re: Finding the theme of our wedding ...

Post by christinaroberts on Sat Aug 23, 2014 4:09 pm

I do agree with you. For having a perfect and splendid wedding you must have a right theme which reflects you and your partner's personality and style.


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Finding the theme of our wedding ... Empty Re: Finding the theme of our wedding ...

Post by rahuljindal on Wed Jan 11, 2017 12:08 am

Well, among several options, the theme which you finalize should also match the weather as well. In this season you can have a white snow theme for you wedding which can catch your guests eye at the very first glimpse.


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Finding the theme of our wedding ... Empty Re: Finding the theme of our wedding ...

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