22 ideas to keep the kids at your wedding

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22 ideas to keep the kids at your wedding Empty 22 ideas to keep the kids at your wedding

Post by Charlenec09 on Wed Aug 14, 2013 5:15 pm

If you marry in the weeks and months to come, I said a small Special Week tips of all kinds could be useful to you, just to wrap it remains complete and reassure you in that last line right. So with Ms. Frisky, was immersed in the archives and has emerged the best advice Miss Lace, we offer you throughout this week (with some unpublished). Chronic, testimonials and stories will be back next Monday!

When Laetitia, a bride who is also an educator of young children in nursery, asked me to write an article on how to organize the evening of children in marriage, I jumped at the chance. And when I received the article, I totally jumped for joy!
22 ideas to keep the kids at your wedding Kids-in-your-wedding-Hitched-Events
You ask yourself questions about how to handle children during the Day and what to offer the excitement of the evening children? Laetitia has all the answers! You'll see, she thought of everything. Come on, let's go!

In everyday life, I am an educator of young children in nursery. I also served for seven years as host summer camp and I'm often busy in the evening animation for children at weddings.

And as a bride, I know we are asking all the questions at one time or another preparation for our beautiful day, "what do we provide for children? "

Why organize animation of children to the wedding?

Because we want our guests, young and old spend a good evening, the children have fun and their parents can enjoy the evening without having to monitor their children too.

Because we do not want children running around (yes, it was right! Although we love children! And I love them, believe me), but imagine the video memory of your opening Ball children who come behind you ... this opening dance you as a repeat ... or scrambling servers ... good.

I'll stop the disaster scenarios, children are not terrors. Still, they are happy to meet and celebrate in their own way, so it's nice to have someone to channel.

After, as everything about the wedding is a choice babysitter or not. Nothing is fixed, mandatory. You can pretty much predict what care children without someone to take care of it. I will also say that it depends on the number of children and their age.

One or more babysitter?

From five children and especially if there are toddlers, I suggest you take two babysitter. Thus, one can accompany a child who wants to return to his parents or who need to go to the bathroom, while the other will continue to play with other children.

This is especially advisable if the door to your room is open (for smokers to air, etc..) Or if children have an adjoining room (eg in a hotel restaurant, the children's room n ' is not always close to that of the meal).

How to find a babysitter ideal wedding?

Ads or word of mouth, everyone knows a girl who is babysitting. Except babysit at night when they sleep and lead an evening at a wedding, it's not really the same. Maybe the babysitter that we can recommend is great and full of ideas.

If this is not the case, do not hesitate to ask the staff at the nursery of your nephew, cousin or someone else would be interested. They are professional, are used to manage a group of children, provide activities / games may be able to borrow material from their structure.

Also try your luck with facilitators airy center of your city or put an ad in the schools of social work which train future educators.

How to pay?

Difficult question ... see if the person has an idea of ​​the price. If it does not, it will be up to you to make a proposal (cool!). It's good from a minimum wage rate, but it is not easy to know what time to what time you will need it. It is best to offer a package for the evening when she goes for some children are asleep, for other parties.

An example from my experience (because an example is always speaking): In 2010, I was hired by married 18h ​​(entertainment during the cocktail to get to know the kids ball games) until to 2-3am. We were two babysitter (an auxiliary colleague had baby with me), there were fifteen children aged 2 to 12 years. We gave to married a list of supplies to buy (pens, etc..) And had everything prepared. For delivery (preparation and running of the evening), married gave me € 150, for a total budget of € 300 for them, more supplies.

Where to install the children?

The ideal is to have an adjoining room but this is not always the case. So take a corner of the room to install tables and chairs, games and a relaxation area with blankets and pillows (super important that relaxation area for late night and not need much).

What to bring to the children's meals at the wedding?

Simple Plan!

So your guests will be careful about what they eat, so the children think of only one thing: play!

I had meals where married had expected the same menu as adults, half-portion. Beautiful intention. Except that the food of the children were served at the same time as the "big". Between each course, we went back to the table and play a server warned us when he had to come back ...

it broke the mood because we had to stop our game
the meal was very long ... too long for children.
discover new flavors was interesting in terms of education but I think a good "ham and chips" would have sufficed and would have made them happy.
Expect the same menu for the babysitter, it's easy when everyone eats the same group. And if it bothers you to offer them a children's menu, you can catch up with a glass of champagne and a slice of cake!

What activities and games provide for them?

something to draw: pencils, markers, a ream of white paper (if you want to make a coloring book , it may be a memorial for the children but it is not required It often takes a long time and you can. be disappointed to find the abandoned books ...)
of colored stickers or stickers, stamps, etc..
of clay, son of scoubidous etc..
balloons foam (to prevent sores and breaks), a skittles, etc..
a piñata filled with candy and surprises they discover at the end of a treasure hunt full of tests and puzzles
a duck fishing, angling, one messes all (cans decorated and socks into a ball and voila!)
makeup and costumes (kids love! Notify perhaps the parents they provide a change ... makeup on the beautiful robe, it may not be very fun!)
construction sets and small company and larger (teens may have fun finding a game Uno or tarot at a low time of evening)
small cars, dolls and stuffed animals, etc..
books (which will be useful in the rest area for a quiet moment or to help children get to sleep)
I've seen a TV with DVD player at a wedding, it could be if the space is large enough for those who play do not disturb those who are watching the screen. Otherwise hello fight!
Personally, I recommend the balloons to avoid hearing "bang, bang, bang! "All night but it's just my opinion. Children, however, they love it!

To find games and costumes, do not hesitate to approach a game library that you will pay in exchange for an annual membership. It is often not very high and it will allow you to hold "game nights" later with your friends!

Other entertainment ideas for kids

let a camera in babysitter for a souvenir of the evening children (you will not view)
ask the babysitter to organize a parade of costumed children to integrate in the evening the "major"
provide a great poster for the children you make a collective design that you can keep as a souvenir (their book to them)
they prepare a small surprise gift bag or other, they will love it!
useful: providing a first aid kit for minor injuries (arnica, dressings, etc.).
In fact, there are so many things to do, so many opportunities organization ... everything is possible!

And you expect what? Babysitter or not? Organized entertainment or merry mess? Other ideas playground to offer? Tell!


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