Activities for children during marriage

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Activities for children during marriage Empty Activities for children during marriage

Post by Charlenec09 on Wed Aug 14, 2013 5:17 pm

Me is Laura, I'm 22 and I'm the host of child (Bafa, AFD being AfDB). I organized for small children "play" during the wedding : outdoor games, board games, coloring, singing, makeup , storytelling and other (dvd. ..).
I've done many weddings ( babies or older children).
I can take care of 15 children (max) between 4-12 years. For smaller children it is a bit more complicated, I can do surveillance when they sleep but no animation.
If there are more children, I often work with a friend who is also host Bafa.
I live in the mouths of the Rhone, but I can move me in different departments: 13,30,34,83 ​​and 84.
Can you give me your email:
- The place of marriage
- The date
- The number of children (the proportion with ages)
- The age group
- Schedules presence.

This allows me to answer you and give you an individual quote.

Contact me for more information.



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