Groom's "thank you" speech. Need some tips/advice please.?

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Groom's "thank you" speech. Need some tips/advice please.?

Post by Charlenec09 on Wed Aug 14, 2013 5:44 pm

My DJ said the main thing is to tell her how beautiful she looks. I will also tell her I love her.

Is there anything else i'm missing? Her father is not giving a speech, FYI if that matters.

Should I do a toast? How do I end it smoothly?

Any tips are great! I want to keep this short and sweet people to remember that!


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Re: Groom's "thank you" speech. Need some tips/advice please.?

Post by Libby88 on Wed Aug 14, 2013 5:45 pm

Your first 2 are fine. On the first one, just say thanks and that this day meant so much more to you having the important people in your life to share it with you. On the inlaws, you could just say thanks for many things, but above all, for raising the woman you love.

I don't like 3 at all. People who helped with planning should be thanked individually if they merit a thank you. And the rest don't need to be thanked or hear others being thanked. It might take away your "lead in" to what you say to your wife, but there's lots of ways you can do that. And I wouldn't thank her for the planning, either.

Then I think a toast would be a great way to end. Toast the guests for being there for you. Remember, the reception is to thank them for being part of your big day.

I would do the thank yous first, thank every one for coming to the wedding and reception, and how glad there was such a turn out. Talk about being happy to share you day with family and friends.
Then thank those people who helped with the wedding and its planning, and all the love and support that was given to you.
And thank the parents[ I would group them together] for their love and support and help.
You could say something about having been raised right, because here you are marrying the loves of your lives.
Yes, you can speak on behalf of your bride and yourself, if she would rather not speak for herself.
Ask her.
She may have a rebuttal speech, if she wishes.

The tradition is to toast your bride, separately from the thank yous.
Do this from your heart, call her beautiful, say that you are looking forward to your life together.
For this, no jokes
You can elaborate a bit, and say that you are sure that everyone here knows how we met in the college bookstore, and I nearly ran over my bride trying to get me and my books out the door. But she saw me later on campus, and said I was cute, and wanted to go out with me. The rest is history.
thank goodness for a armload of books and a sticky door. thank goodness for a woman who thought I was cute.
and thank goodness, here we are today.
I love you, Mary with all of my heart, you are lovely tonight....

and there are lots of wedding sites out there with sample free speeches, just type that into your browser. and has help.

1. Fine, but why say soon to be if this is at the reception or am I wrong and this is before the ceremony? If so, this would totally take away from the wedding, you should do this at the reception.
2. Do after as your new "in-laws" or my wife's family.
3. O.K.
4. O.K. for planning and doing such a wonderful job and how beautiful and stunning she looks and that you are honored to have a wife such as she.


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